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Don't miss these exhibitions

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 1:21:10 PM

If you are (still) in town in the next two weeks, please come and see us. You don't want to miss these exhibitions. In this second major collaboration between Austin Art Projects and Hohmann Fine Art, for a limited time, we are presenting two of today's most outstanding contemporary glass artists: Toots Zynsky and Oben Abright.

After Christian Hohmann purchased the gallery building at Village Court from David Austin in 2018, an ongoing dialog formed between the two art dealers, which ultimately lead to a collaboration and combined exhibitions at the Village Court Gallery the following year. With a COVID-related pause in 2020, this year produced another world-class exhibition. 

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Voss-Andreae's Kneeling Woman

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 1:18:20 PM

One of our clients commissioned this stunning new sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae and it will soon be available as an exclusive limited edition. The official premiere will be at our booth at Art Miami in early December, but the sculpture will be available to our clients as of now. We have just received it a few days ago and it will be available to view in the gallery for a little while.

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A Conversation with Oben Abright

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 12:11:01 PM

Oben Abright is exclusively represented by Austin Art Projects and it was a privilege to host both, Oben Abright and David Austin for an interview in our gallery. This is the second collaborative exhibition of Abright's work curated and presented by David Austin at HOHMANN.

With an impressive body of work, Abright proves that he is continuously pushing the limits of glass as an artistic medium, continues to have an edge in esthetics and at the same time remains true to his artistic style and language. The exhibition includes all new works as well as one sculpture from 2012 that had been unfinished and in his own personal collection. Over this last year, he completed the work and it is now available. "The West Oakland Bag Lady" is from a series of street people,  a group of works that put him on the radar of glass collectors and museums and made him the poster child for a new group of glass artists that transcended the traditional esthetics of studio glass.  

Here are both, the video about Oben Abright's studio visit and the interview with David Austin in our gallery.

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Toots Zynsky - Camouflage

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 12:09:58 PM

As the exhibition is almost sold out, we have received two additional works that are not part of the original show, but just as breathtaking.

Toots Zynsky's new body of work "Camouflage" is a departure from her previous work primarily in the source of inspiration. "Steller's Jay", "Himalayan Monal", "Red and Yellow Barbet", "Red Knot", "Barred Fruiteater", "Short Crested Coquette" and "Easter Rosella" are all birds that use their colored feathers to attract, seduce, intimidate or to camouflage.

In this video, you can get a good impression of the works in the exhibition as well as Zynsky's inspiration. It is also worthwhile to watch the two following videos below. You can follow Toots on a walk through her studio and get insights into how she creates these magnificent glass sculptures. www.hohmann.art/zynsky

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Introducing Pezhman

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 12:07:55 PM

Pezhman was born in Iran in 1976, but left at an early age and ultimately studied Art in Atlanta, GA, and continued his education at the New York School of Photography. He has been a professional artist for nearly 20 years and he explores the world between photography and painting, modifying photographs with mixed media and, in this series, encaustic to create one-of-a-kind textural works of art that go beyond the traditional definitions of both, photography and painting. Even within each work of art, the viewer can experience the visual in different ways depending on the point of view.

After selling several individual works last season, HOHMANN is now presenting a more comprehensive exhibition to introduce Pezhman officially.

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Donald Sultan - Fine Prints

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 12:06:55 PM

Famous for his abstract flower paintings, New York-based painter Donald Sultan has long made his way into the top league of American artists. In collaboration with one of his publishers, we feature an exhibition with fine prints and multiples, including a couple of very rare cast glass limited editions. Although we have sold a large number of individual prints from the series "Wall Flowers", we have now, for the first time, the entire portfolio of all 35 wallflowers in the gallery. 

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Soulmates by jd hansen

By HOHMANN on May 11, 2021 12:05:38 PM

"Soulmates" is quickly becoming one of the most successful sculptures in jd hansen's recent oeuvre. Although released at the end of 2020, the pandemic made it impossible for our clients to see the work. Three weeks ago this changed and the pieces are already finding fantastic homes. We are currently awaiting number 7 of 9, which will come out of the foundry soon and be available for private viewing.

There is something very touching about this intimate couple, carved back to back to represent equally strong and independent people, as we witness the tender moment at the crux of their lightly touching hands. It the story of soul mates, a union of two that transcends.

This distinctly new style was introduced by jd hansen through her recent piece "Fire." It is not merely an aesthetic departure from her previous works, but also a thematic evolution. While most of her work is slightly introverted, thoughtful, quiet, and reflective, these new sculptures touch on the loftier ideals of humanity and the potentials of refinement in the human beings we all strive to be - they emanate a more extroverted impetus. 

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Voss-Andreae wins coveted prize

By HOHMANN on Apr 12, 2017 12:53:00 AM

Julian Voss-Andreae wins CodaWorx Award

Installation at University of Minneapolis fetches coveted prize

Julian Voss-Andreae, a former quantum physicist, received one of the highly coveted and prestigious CODAWORX Awards for his sculptural installation for the University of Minnesota’s new Physics and Nanotechnology Building inspired by a view of the human body through the lens of quantum physics. The German title of the installation (literally "tension field") originated in physics but is used in contemporary German almost exclusively in a metaphorical sense, implying a dynamic tension, often between polar opposites, that permeates everything in its vicinity. "Spannungsfeld" consists of two 10' (3 m) tall figures in a basic kneeling pose, a male and a female, facing each other.



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Artist Spotlight: Neil Nagy

By HOHMANN on Dec 17, 2015 1:42:25 PM

Neil Nagy is one of our most popular artists and his works are coveted among collectors.  Over the last couple of years, Neil has had several very successful exhibitions including a solo exhibition at our gallery last season that almost sold out. For many years now he has not increased his prices although it was more than warranted. We wanted to give you, and especially our collectors, advance notice of a price increase that will go into effect on February 29th, 2016. The Neil Nagy studio allows us to finalize any pending interest at the current prices until that day. We hope you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to acquire one of his extraordinary works if you have considered a Nagy painting or work on paper in the past.  To see what is currently available, please click here: AVAILABLE WORKS BY NEIL NAGY For pricing, please contact the gallery.

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Artist Council Museum Exhibition Juried by Christian Hohmann

By HOHMANN on Oct 30, 2015 4:54:34 PM

The annual Palm Springs Museum Artist Council exhibition has become an important part of the art calendar in Palm Springs. The exhibition reflects the variety and depth of artistic talent in the Coachella Valley and 50% of the proceeds of all sales are going to the educational program of the museum.

Every year one or several curators are chosen by the museum to take on the difficult task of selecting less than 50 works of art out of more than 500 submissions.

This year the Artist Council chose our own Christian Hohmann to be the sole juror and curator of this prestigious exhibition.

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Charity Event - Mourning Star

By HOHMANN on Nov 2, 2012 6:30:43 PM

Mourning Star…A children’s grief counseling center. Christian Hohmann Fine Art supports this wonderful organization that helps children to work through and deal with grief.

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