Artist update: jd hansen

jd hansen's career has developed beautifully and consistently over the last few years. A recent accomplishment will give a boost that will most certainly make a difference.

The Four Seasons in Florence, Italy, recently inquired about jd's large 10' outdoor sculptures, and jd offered them four different options. They decided to take all four. While it will take the better part of a year to produce them all and to deliver and install them, once they are on display, we have no doubt her career will benefit from this visibility as hundreds of art-loving guests will see the sculptures every day.If you are considering a 10' sculpture, please get in touch, and we can tell you more about the works in progress for Italy.

Several sculptures are now almost sold out, and several new sculptures are now available to order. Please scroll down for a list of new opportunities and last chances. At the same time, waiting times for sculptures are increasing rapidly, and if you are looking to receive a sculpture before the end of the season, we will have to place the order soon.

If you are considering acquiring one of jd hansen's sculptures, we would be happy to assist and answer any questions. We have represented jd hansen for over a decade and have successfully facilitated hundreds of acquisitions from coast to coast and internationally. 

Here are two examples. For the full list of new works and last editions, please read the update here: UPDATE JD HANSEN

Hansen - Monarch - Optimized HorizontalWe are happy to share that jd hansen’s latest bronze work, "Monarch" is now available to view online and at our Village Court gallery. The sculpture, existing within a thin veil of literality and abstraction, denotes the undulating waves of a glorious butterfly in flight, totem of dreams and the imagination, of possibility and transmutation. We are also offering four works by hansen in their last editions. If you love her work, now’s the time to procure these limited editions: Trailing Shadows, GreyStreet, Best of Show, and Tolerance of Ambiguity.  

VIEW AVAILABLE WORKS BY JD HANSEN or log into your account and see the selection with prices.

For more on jd hansen, please visit:

hansen - Monarch - 19 x 16.5 x 8hansen - "Monarch", Bronze, 19" x 16.5" x 8", Price on Request


Trailing Shadows is a poignant piece showcasing a hanging figure in a delicate cocoon of wire that shines in various gradients of illumination when reflected upon with light. The figure enveloped in the moments before full emergence and full realization, simmers in an electric cloak of possibilities, reminding us of transformative moments elemental to our lives.Hansen Trailing Shadows Installation_optimizedhansen - "Trailing Shadows", Bronze, 101" x 12" x 9", Price on Request

A video of jd hansen's "Trailing Shadows" here at our Village Court gallery



44651 Village Court #142
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Mon - Fri 11am - 5pm

Appointments are not required but greatly appreciated, especially if it is your first visit or if you are coming to see a specific item because not all works are on display.


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