She Wears Prada

In She Wears Prada, we find a signature, multi-layered and complex personage constructed by Croatian painter Zivana Gojanovic, demonstrating the artist’s singular passion to convey the subtle nuances of the human being’s enigmatic place within the worldly plane. 

Through her unique compositions, meticulous color palettes and old master layering and glazing processes, Gojanovic manages to capture the energy and power of our solitary human existence, which both captivates and provokes inner reflection.   

Zivana has been called an existential and emotional artist as her paintings grow from passion, tempered by thoughtful execution. This, when balanced by a strong visual esthetic and compelling symbolism, sum up the forces which direct her creative process. She starts with a simple small-scale drawing, frequently sketching on any handy scrap of paper, making a visual note to herself. She next works out the details, size, composition, and colors.

From there she “grows” her paintings almost as if nurturing an organic process, building them layer by layer over a period of weeks, sometimes months. This allows her to connect with, and react to, the painting as it develops, striving to fill the work with imagery and emotion so that the viewer can relate as strongly as she does.

Her hope is to communicate the simplicity, as well as the complexity of oneself, while at the same time creating beautiful paintings that satisfy in their resonance and visceral connectivity.

For a closer look at this painting and a short virtual gallery tour, please enjoy the video above. For more information on Gojanovic and her work, we welcome you to visit online here.

"She Wears Prada"
Mixed Media on Canvas
51" x 51", framed 53" x 53"
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