Zivana Gojanovic

New Gojanovic Paintings

Oh, how we miss those days when Zivana lived a mere three hours from the gallery and we could pick up new paintings with no effort at all. Since she has moved to Croatia, the logistics have turned into somewhat of a nightmare. From her studio, the paintings have to be packed and moved to Zagreb,...

Zivana Gojanovic - new works have arrived

Treasured gallery artist Zivana Gojanovic has been called an existential emotionalist who makes paintings that convey the subtle nuances of man’s enigmatic place within the worldly plane. She grows and shapes her paintings almost as if nurturing an organic process, building them layer by layer over...

She Wears Prada

In She Wears Prada, we find a signature, multi-layered and complex personage constructed by Croatian painter Zivana Gojanovic, demonstrating the artist’s singular passion to convey the subtle nuances of the human being’s enigmatic place within the worldly plane.