Willi Kissmer in American Art Collector Magazine

Oct 1, 2010 1:18:35 PM


Once a year, in October, the national art magazine "American Art Collector" has a special feature about the "Art of the Nude". It covers artists from all over the world that have been recognized as outstanding artists in that subject. It was great news to learn that Willi Kissmer was selected to be included in this feature.

Kissmer's Fine Prints have been sold all over the world, but his original paintings are extremely rare. Collectors in Europe, especially in Germany and the UK often acquire his paintings before they are finished. While traveling in Germany, Christian met with Kissmer and was able to secure a remarkable selection of original paintings and Fine Prints: Fifteen paintings, among them 4 of his latest series and more than 30 etchings. This is, in fact, right now the largest collection of Kissmer's work in any gallery worldwide.

For pricing information and availability, please contact the gallery at (760) 346-4243 or visit www.hohmann.art/kissmer 

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Willi Kissmer and Christian Hohmann

Christian Hohmann

Written by Christian Hohmann