Udo Nöger - 22 Hours in Dreams


22 Hours in Dreams is the title of Udo Nöger’s new series. Raw and unfiltered, with charcoal on wood, this body of word gives immediate access to Nöger’s creativity and his visual library. It is the polar opposite of his translucent white-on-white ethereal paintings. The title originates from a quote by Salvador Dali, referring to his creative process: “Give me two hours a day of activity, and I’ll take the other twenty-two in dreams.” Nöger discovers his imagery in moments of stillness, meditation, and dreams. He draws on the Subconscious and a wealth of images that accumulated along his rich life. The manifestation of these compositions on the canvas or board take little time compared to the decades they took to develop, thus the comparison to Dali’s two hours of activity versus 22 hours of dreaming. Hohmann premieres this new series exclusively at Art Miami 2021.

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