Manzur Kargar Exhibition

Kargar @ VC GlamHOHMANN is pleased to present an artist reception for Berlin-based artist Manzur Kargar at our Palm Springs Showroom on. An invitation with more information will come soon. Manzur Kargar is traveling from Berlin and will be present at the event. For more about the reception and to RSVP for the event, please visit:

After moving from his birthplace of Afghanistan to Germany as a youth, Manzur Kargar encountered an entirely different scope from which to view women in culture.

 Looming on billboards and in cinema, purveying the commercial iconography that abounded in mainstream media, these ladies inspired the artist to position them as goddesses within the context of contemporary consciousness. His signature paintings would become cutting-edge, Pop realism portraits: bold, sexy, and passionate works showcasing our unique mythological creatures of today. Father to a daughter himself, the fight for women’s equality and freedom is close to his heart and his paintings elevate women to modern matriarchs, empowered, free, and confident with their right to expression self-evident.

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GLAM 1_2

Kargar - "Glam I & II", Oil on Canvas, each 74" x 54", Price on Requestoptimized_Kargar Installation @ VC image1Manzur Kargar installation at Village CourtKargar - Flowers - 80 x 96Kargar - "Flowers", Oil on Canvas, 81.75" x 97.75" framed, Price on RequestKargar - Blue Blood Cells I-IIIKargar - "Blue Blood Cells I-III", Oil on Canvas, each 41.25" x 41.25" framed, Price on RequestPANDEMIC_2_20inx20inKargar - "Pandemic II", Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20", Price on Request Kargar_Rhianna 24x24 3.2-1Kargar - "Rihanna" - Oil on Canvas, 26" x 26" framed, Price on Request

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