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A nod to the classical in the form of a bronze Roman-esque bust marries with the cartoon ears of Mickey Mouse – ancient tradition putting on the costume of a commercial contemporary empire. Where does one stop and one begin? Or are we now forever entwined with the two? When the free world marries the desire of monopolizing an unassuming societal algorithm, we create a Corporatocracy, artist Roger Reutimann’s lexicon for an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. Lenin referred to it as the highest form of capitalism. Big companies are getting bigger spurred by this sucking impetus and are already showing signs of conquering the world. For the artist, this concern is represented in a sculptural blend of art historical references intermingled with totems of contemporary reality
in order to provide a no-holds-barred, three-dimensional view of modern society.

Roger Reutimann
Bronze, 36" x 21" x 11"
Edition of 9

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