Pascal Pierme - Origines Dual

Twenty curvaceously sculpted, abstract wooden sticks dance together on the wall in Pascal Pierme’s delightful work Origines Dual. The minimalist forms present a gorgeous wood surface yet when viewed from the sides, the “dual” tones of lime green and periwinkle blue appear. Playfully reminiscent of the earth’s organic, biomorphic forms such as a tribal conglomeration of cactus bones, sandwiched between the hues of grass and sky.

The work is a prime example of the artist’s modern exploration into balance, movement, inquiry, architecture, and nature. The artist is specifically interested in assimilating what is not supposed to fit – the combination of contrasting elements through a metaphorical chemistry. He composes elements into a moment and then freezes it, therefore capturing a split second of evolution. There is an undertone of symbolism in his pieces as well; a hieroglyphic shorthand that hints at other visual languages.

Pierme was born in St. Raphael, France and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico today. He cites the fragrant woodworking shop of his grandfather as a primary source of his early creative inspiration. It is also where he learned to conceptualize and construct artworks from idea to manifestation with none other than his own hands.

His work has appeared in hundreds of exhibitions throughout the United States, France, and Switzerland. It has been widely commissioned privately by the likes of Pierre Cardin, Carol Burnett, Marriott Hotels, and the Equifax World Headquarters.

For a closer look at this painting and a short virtual gallery tour, please enjoy the video above. For more information on Pierme and his work, we welcome you to visit online here.

Pascal Pierme
"Origines Dual"
Mixed Media on Wood | 24" x 61"
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Christian Hohmann

Written by Christian Hohmann