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Artist Nicholas Auen provides insight into his process of creating a commissioned chromed aluminum piece, which starts off as a drawing. “Colors of refreshing blue water moving by the wind and currents was my inspiration. The composition has much more complexity and movement than Turbulence.” The drawing's composition flows utilizing three distinct colors. Each color translates into a part of the final three-dimensional piece: the white space represents the polished chrome, light blue is the center panel, and dark blue is the back panel.

Nicholas Auen creates drawings as preparation for his works completely by hand and they are quite beautiful themselves. It is most fascinating to see the raw creative origin for his perfectly finished pieces.

Nicholas Auen's works are available at our Village Court Gallery by appointment.



This commissioned piece has a more intricate composition in comparison to his other mentioned piece, "Turbulence".

Auen - TurbulanceNicholas Auen - "Turbulence", Chromed Aluminum, 72" x 32", Price on Request

The flowing and intricate design can also be found in his new work, "Propellant". The iridescent background shines through the tangle topographic-like black and silver layers. 

Auen - Propellant - 53.25 x 32Nicholas Auen - "Turbulence", Chromed Aluminum, 35.5" x 32" x 2", Price on Request

For More on Nicholas Auen, please visit: www.hohmann.art/auen

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