New jd hansen sculptures and price changes

Das Spiel

jd hansen is pushing the limits of bronze sculpture once again and it so happens that three sculptures that have been under development for the last year, are all coming out at almost the same time. "Das Spiel" (above) is scheduled to arrive in the gallery this coming week and "Soulmates" and "Ein Moment" have just arrived. We also received news from her studio about a substantial price increase that will go into effect on March 19th, due to increasing foundry costs.

If you were considering one of jd hansen's work we would be happy to send you the inventory that we currently hold. 

Over a time span of nearly 20 years now, jd hansen has created a body of work that is not only impressive in numbers (she has published almost 90 sculptures), but more importantly in consistency. We have been working with her for more than a decade and I thought I knew every sculpture, but when we started building her work index, I was still surprised by  this.

We have a long way to go, but you can see the beginning stages of her work index here: 

Many of these sculptures are sold out or not immediately available, but we would be happy to send you a list of available inventory and anything that is available, but would have to be cast.

The new sculptures can be viewed in the gallery (please call ahead 760-346-4243 option 1).


"Ein Moment" 

Fire in gallery

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Christian Hohmann

Written by Christian Hohmann