New Gojanovic Paintings

Oh, how we miss those days when Zivana lived a mere three hours from the gallery and we could pick up new paintings with no effort at all. Since she has moved to Croatia, the logistics have turned into somewhat of a nightmare. From her studio, the paintings have to be packed and moved to Zagreb, where the crate builder works. Once they are crated, they get trucked to our gallery in Germany, where they have to clear customs again. From there they are shipped by air freight to our gallery in Palm Desert, California. Here, they get unpacked, registered, photographed and then we build individual shipping crates and send them to her collectors all across the United States.
Due to COVID the last shipment was delayed and delayed and after almost a year, we have just received a small number of new paintings. If you have been considering a Gojanovic painting for your collection, now would be a good time to look at our current inventory.


If you have a account you can see everything with prices after logging in. If not, we'd be happy to send you tear sheets on anything you are considering. Here are some examples. Please make sure to check the complete inventory.

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Please contact the gallery for availability and pricing.