Manzur Kargar TV Interview


Manzur Kargar was recently interviewed by the US-based German TV station DW (Deutsche Welle). The interview is in English and gives insight into his creative process.

Although born in Afghanistan, Kargar was raised in West Berlin. He studied Fine Art and Painting in Braunschweig at one of the most prestigious universities for painting in Germany. His early career focused on epic paintings from mythological times of gods and goddesses amongst the architecture and environments of antiquity. This body carried him to success until his obsessions took him elsewhere. 

Having thoroughly explored the ancient cultural paradigms he turned his eye towards the icons of today’s society. Inspired by the images we are confronted by daily within the media and advertising, he began to compose new bold, sexy, and passionate paintings showcasing the new mythological creatures of today. 

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Pop-Art Provocations: The Paintings of Manzur Kargar

Artist Manzur Kargar has his roots in Afghanistan and his artistic acclaim in Berlin. Perfect bodies awash in loud colors and surrounded by jarring incongruities provoke and puzzle the viewers.

Manzur2018-2019_01_08-112288 Kopie

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