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A horse walks through a valley draped in a blanket of script. Two minimalist figures touch hands to remark on intimacy’s dance. A group of intricately entwined family members express the blurred boundaries within their communal dynamic. The depth of our human condition is the treasure field that artist jd hansen mines to produce her poignant contemporary sculptures. From idea to concept to final piece, the written word allows her to plumb existence’s very soul through poems, which are then metaphorically and visually realized in stunningly patinaed bronze. Life and the experience of self-individuation along the path is a highly personal one, yet hansen splays herself bare, delivering a glimpse into her heart and its current reality. Be it euphoria, love, joy, grief, or struggle, no crevasse of emotion is left unexplored.

jd hansen sculptures available to view by appointment at our Village Court Gallery, including the 3ft version of "Valley of the Sunrise". Here are some videos of her sculptures.

jd hansen - "Valley of the Sunrise", Bronze and Copper, 36" x 46" x 24", Price on Request

jd hansen - "Soulmates", Bronze, with Pearlized Patina, 42" x 26" x 18", Price on Request

jd hansen - "Family Group", Bronze, 60" x 42" x 13", Price on Request

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44651 Village Court #142
Palm Desert, CA 92260
By appointment only - (760) 346-4243

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