Tough Abstraction - reintroducing Edward Wilcox

We have accompanied and represented the painter Edward Wilcox for many years, but we are most excited to be the first gallery to showcase his new body of work. Please check out this 4-minute video with great footage of Wilcox painting in his new open-air studio in California. Edward provides an insight into his artwork's reinvention, born through the switch from a rigid city existence of sharp angles to the Central Coast’s fields of foliage, prismatic light, and organic forms. He calls it "Tough Abstraction", but all we see are color symphonies. Decide for yourself!


"This new work is a departure from the dark and an experiment in light: the separation of light, the harmony, and the indication of lines in nature with color-field abstraction. As mankind, we are the only creatures that try to mimic what we live in through an artistic medium. Living away from the harsh lines of the city, I have found myself drawn to the atmospheric reality of open space. My new work is an exercise in randomness, as nature is instinctually random, and it is in this new endeavor that I strive to mimic that creative instinct." - Edward Wilcox


"Tough Abstraction", new works by Edward Wilcox are available to view at our Village Court Gallery. Please call ahead to make sure we are not busy with other clients (760) 346-4243

Wilcox - 1959 - 60 x 48Wilcox - "1959", Oil on Canvas, 61.75" x 49.75" framed, Price on Request

Wilcox - Black BirdWilcox - "Black Bird", Oil on Board, 25.75" x 73.75" framed, Price on Request

Wilcox - HelixWilcox - "Helix", Oil on Board, 61.75" x 49.75 framed, Price on Request

Wilcox - Sub-Mariner

Wilcox - "Sub-Mariner", Oil on Board, 41.75" x 37.75", Price on Request

Wilcox - White Lilly

Wilcox - "White Lilly", Oil on Board, 41.75" x 37.75" framed, Price on Request

For more on Edward Wilcox, please visit:

The paintings listed above are only a few examples of Edward's new work, please click here to see more: View available inventory by Edward Wilcox

44651 Village Court #142
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Appointments preferred. Not all works are on display. If you are coming to see a specific item, please let us know so we can prepare.
Please call ahead to make sure we are not already busy with other clients.

 (760) 346-4243 -

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