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Smith Installation OptimizedAmerican Art Collector Magazine featured Doug Smith in the current issue and we took this opportunity to showcase new works by the established painter in our Village Court Gallery and online.  Doug Smith’s uniquely composed landscape paintings marry Abstract Expressionism and Color Field genres with American nostalgia. Upon first view, we see large blocks of bold color and strata representing open sky and variations in topography yet upon closer inspection, we see the middle lines of the canvas presenting us with sweetly articulated home estates harkening to a simpler, rural time.

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Smith - Silver Lining - 48 x 48

Smith - "Silver Lining", Oil on Canvas, 49.75" x 49.75" framed, Price on RequestSmith - Long Before Algorithms - 30 x 60Smith - "Long Before Algorithms", Oil on Canvas, 31.75" x 61.75" framed, Price on Request Smith - Maggie, Is Out Again - 48 x 60Smith - "Maggie, is Out Again", Oil on Canvas, 49.75" x 61.75 framed, Price on RequestSmith - Earth, The Original Canvas - 48 x 60Smith - "Earth, The Original Canvas", Oil on Canvas, 49.75" x 61.75" framed, Price on RequestSmith - Seed, Feed, & Breed - 36 x 36Smith - "Seed, Feed, & Breed", Oil on Canvas, 37.75" x 37.75 framed, Price on RequestSmith Installation clean4 optimizedDoug Smith installation at Village Court.

Doug Smith is currently featured in the October issue of American Art Collector Magazine.

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