David Cerny - Portrait of Albert Einstein

Einstein email

Prague-based David Černcý, art-provocateur and bad boy rebel of the art world, is currently the most famous living Czech artist and his monumental sculptures have sparked controversy all over the world. Especially intriguing are his portraits of our globally recognized major thinkers who have crossed boundaries and infiltrated societal norms with their revolutionary wisdom. Think Franz Kafka, Wernher von Braun, Robert Oppenheimer, or Nikola Tesla. Of particular note is his Albert Einstein work, which showcases the famous brain in all his eccentric glory, impossibly filled with three-dimensional x-rayed objects offering a mind-bending visual

Černý will soon be in California for the unveiling of a landmark public sculpture in Los Angeles and he will come to our Palm Springs showroom gallery for one night only during that time. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about his visit or make an appointment with our Village Court Gallery to enjoy a private viewing of his rare works.

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