Coming soon: Lawrence Schiller - Marilyn & Me

1962_000013It wouldn't do justice to Lawrence Schiller, to reduce him to the iconic last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe, albeit it has tremendously added to his fame. The exhibition "Marilyn & Me" with photographs by Lawrence Schiller will come to our Village Court gallery soon. Also on view are a playful glimpse at a ping-pong game featuring Robert Redford and Paul Newman while on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a serious and smoking profile of legendary bad-ass Clint Eastwood, and a hilarious photo of Alfred Hitchcock and muse Tippi Hedren seen through an ironic rearview mirror.

The exhibition will be running from November 14 through December 30, 2022, in the Village Court Gallery. Due to Mr. Schiller's busy schedule, we will have a closing event towards the end of the exhibition instead of the usual opening reception. A separate invitation will be forthcoming.




Schiller - "Paul Newman, Robert Redford, 1968", Archival Pigment Print, 25" x 30" framed, Price on Request1970_000003Schiller - "Clint Eastwood, 1970" Archival Pigment Print, 25" x 30" framed, Price on Request1962_000020Schiller - "Tippi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock, 1962" Digital C-Print Photography, 25" x 30" framed, Price on Requestoptimized2X5A7188

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